Broke the chain, but the plants are doing well…

Was away for a couple of days, so the chain starts again.  the plants are all doing well, the weeds as well as the vegetables.  As I water, I’m pulling the weeds, washing off the soil and setting the weeds out to dry before they go into the composter.

3.6 more ounces of snow peas, all the rows watered, all the tomatoes watered, including the ones not yet transplanted, though they won’t last long if I don’t get them out.  May put them at the far end where the carrots didn’t grow at all (I think I can fit four or five plants there).

Transplanted three more cukes out of their almost root-bound pots – two into the ground and one into a bucket with 1/2 compost and 1/2 soil, then watered well.

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Another 3 oz. of Snow Peas, tomatoes are flowering

So good to see the tomatoes flowering! Snow peas continue to blossom and produce, the carrots are another matter. I think I have about 4 altogether.  The rest?  Slugs.  Ah well, start again in August.

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Watering and weeding – and mulching

Needed to mulch the cukes since the soil was drying out around it, making a crust.  With a healthy dose of grass clippings and a good watering, they should do fine.

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More peas and the spinach is delicious

harvested three more ounces of snow peas and four ounces of spinach.  Though starting to flower, they still taste great!  Watered and weeded beyond harvesting.

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More Peas and the Cukes go in the Piles

Picked 3 more ounces of peas, moved two of the cucumber plants into the “piles” I’d made of compost and garden soil, soaked to a muddy mess then dumped into two different places: one corner of the garden and where the compost bin used to be.  Weeded what’s left of the carrot patch – need to reseed that – pulled one of my broccoli by accident (can’t blame the kids for that one) and watered just about everything.  Still need to put two cucumber plants into buckets, move the tomatoes that have survived the neglect and plant some more.  That will be over the next few days…

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